Our village will be a joint creation

Paulo Coelho wrote in his masterpiece “The Alchemist” that every human being has a legend and a mission to find and live that legend.
That seems easy, and normally it is.
But in these times, humans have created a world where people are led away from their legend.
For example, we no longer have the time or the energy to think about such matters because we are busy every minute of the day: with our job, our family, our children, our household, our house, etc.
And when there is still time left, we are so stressed and exhausted that we need time to unwind.

Another word for legend is a dream: every human being has a dream that he passionately desires.
A legend or a dream do not “happen”, it is something we create ourselves, with our passion.
Another person cannot create our dreams, that is our own work.
God cannot create our dreams either.
When we are in touch with our real dream, there is always “something” or “someone” who will help us.
Paulo Coelho calls this energy the Kosmos, I call it “My Father”.
When we are in touch with our real dream, we co-create with this energy.

Right now I am creating my dream: to found a village where we can live a life where only one thing counts: to experience a feeling of love and happiness at every minute of the day.
There is something special about my dream: I can only create my dream with people who want to create our village together with me.
I can start creating our village but I can never create my dream on my own.
I need people who want to create with me.
Our village will be a joint creation, a legend that we will live together.
And that will be beautiful …

Until now, creating our village was a matter in which only I was involved in, but that is about to change, and I am looking forward to it !!
The moment our first villagers will soon be living as my neighbors, we will work together on our creation every day. Together!
It will start with a small group of people, and we will end with a group of approximate four hundred people.
And with this growing group, we will create together every day.
Every day we will create together in dialogue.
It will be super beautiful!

(I do my best to write my most beautiful English, but I am not a native speaker. If you are and you feel the urge to correct this text, I would be very grateful!! You can send me the corrections at: bart.renaer@gmail.com. Thanks a lot!!)

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