Helping hands

In my adventure on my path to a living and vibrant village of about 150 families, I can use some help.

If my life’s work appeals to you, and you want to reach out to me and you think of something that can support me, don’t hesitate and contact me.

At the moment I am mainly busy looking for a suitable location in Romania and the Republic of Moldova, and spreading my dream, for example through this website, my facebook page and the book I wrote.

Once there is a location, and there are domains on which we can start, all help will be welcome on the spot, for example for the construction of wooden houses and all kinds of other wooden structures.

You can follow all the steps I take on my facebook page and here on this website.
I will also regularly share things via blogs or vlogs.

(I do my best to write my most beautiful English, but I am not a native speaker. If you are and you feel the urge to correct this text, I would be very grateful!! You can send me the corrections at: Thanks a lot!!)