Our village already exists!!

In Vladimir Megre’s tenth book, “Anasta”, you will find a section where Anastasia explains that although our scientists have already calculated when our Earth is formed in matter, our Earth actually exists for much longer.
Perhaps the latter raises your eyebrows, what’s the difference?

The difference is related to the core of our humanity: we are, like the One who created us, in essence creators. We are the only beings in the Cosmos who can bring something into matter from thought.
But there is a time span between the moment when something is created in the world of thoughts and the creation in that world is ‘finished’, and the moment when this creation comes into matter.
And I now experience that fact very clearly.

Our village is ‘finished’, it has everything in it, it is now only a matter of time before it will materialize itself…

I have been working on a beautiful creation myself since the end of 2019: our village where Love will be felt by our inhabitants every minute of the day, and where Love will never leave our family domains.
It is of course a very small act of creation compared to what My Father and Love have created together, but it is what I am capable of in this life, and what I have come here for. It is my soul mission in this life.

I have been working on it since the end of 2019.
I worked on it every day. First from Belgium, then from Romania.
And yes, the creation process is a concrete action, it’s something you do yourself, it doesn’t just ‘happen’. It is easiest to compare it with a sculptor who cuts pieces from a piece of stone day after day, until finally his work of art arises from the stone.
An important difference, however, is that a sculptor immediately sees his work of art, in the creation of a person it takes time before our work of art becomes visible in the material world.

At the end of 2021 I finished my creating process: then I ‘knew’ (sorry, I don’t have a better word) that my creating work was finished and our village existed in the world of thoughts.
Please don’t ask me to explain why I know this: I can only say that I have been ‘feeling’ our village ever since. It is there, it is beautiful, it has immense power and it is finished.
All it has to do is get into matter.

I am now in the time span in which our village is already finished in the world of thoughts, but will need many more years to attract all its inhabitants until the last family domain will also be inhabited. Only then do I consider our village as existing in matter.
And despite the fact that nothing is visible yet, no land has yet been purchased, no house has been built yet, I experience an enormous deep joy: our village is here, it exists!!!
Our village is ‘finished’, it has everything in it, it is now only a matter of time before it will materialize itself…

Bart Renaer
January 16, 2022

Where we gradually have to get rid of in our village: money

I know that I am now raising one of the most sensitive topics for our village: the role that money will play, or rather won’t  play.
So, I’ll weigh my words.
The money factor is so sensitive because it is the foundation on which our current destructive societies are all based, and if we want to get rid of this destructive energy and thus become intensely happy, we will also have to make sure that we become less and less dependent on money.
One of the most essential things that we will do as residents of our village in the coming years is to get rid of one of the worst fears ingrained in our consciousness and in our bodies, which is that we cannot live a decent life without a sufficient large sum of money in our bank account.

Should we be able to live without money right away? No, we don’t have to, and for most of us it’s not possible at the moment.
Then what? Over the next few years we will go through a process as individuals and as a village where we can literally experience that we are able to lead a wonderful life without a lot of money – and that’s at the same time the reason why!!!
For months the expression “a simple life” has been buzzing through my head, that’s where we are going towards: simple lives, without having to ‘work for a living’.

For months the expression “a simple life” has been buzzing through my head, that’s where we are going towards: simple lives, without having to ‘work for a living’.

Simply put, I want to create a village where we as a collective slowly become convinced that if we were to run out of money one day (which is not inconceivable), we can move on perfectly without losing our sense of happiness and love.
To this end, we as a collective will gradually start to experience that we can make it together without a lot of money. This will be a process that will take several years, and we also need that time to get rid of that fear.

How do I want to get started myself?
The most important thing for me is to experience in the near future that I can achieve things without having to spend a lot of money.
That’s the first step.
In concrete terms, that means for me that I want to build our own house, for example, without a lot of money.
I always like to think of the ‘hobbit house’ of Simon Dale who built a beautiful house in Wales in just 4 months in 2009 for the price of 3000 British pounds or 3600 euros (http://www.simondale.net/hobbit. html).
For me it also means that I want to grow a large part of our own fruit and vegetables in the next years.
These two things in themselves will change a lot, because doing this I will go through a super important process with my consciousness, my subconscious and my body, through which every cell in me can experience: “The joy and the love in my life does not depend on – too much – money.”

At the same time, as a collective, as a village, we will go through a similar process (which will take years), in which at the end we will only be dependent on people outside our village for few things.
I am thinking of residents who will take up crafts: weaving fabrics, making clothes, building sustainable houses, making pottery, manufacturing wooden objects, working with animals, etc…
We will still need some money for the first 25 years, but in the meantime we will think together with the new, young generation how we can live with less money, and we will continue that until a generation arises in our village which will be totally independent of those printed sheets of paper, or soon of those virtual numbers in our bank account. And so that immensely destructive energy of money will finally leave our village.

PS: by the way, my ultimate goal is to find a dentist who will become a resident of our village!!

Bart Renaer

January 6, 2022

It’s time to meet people!!!

The past two weeks I stayed in Belgium.
Before I left Romania for Belgium, I posted on Facebook that I would like to meet people in the ‘Low Countries’ about the start-up of our village in Romania.
I was thinking of individual contacts with people or families.
But spontaneously some people responded to my message with the question whether a meeting was not possible with a group of people, and that they would like to set open their living room for that purpose.
I was pleasantly surprised by these reactions, I quickly contacted these people, and I even more quickly planned three meetings: one in Wavre in the French-speaking part of Belgium, one in Roosendaal in the south of the Netherlands and one in Ronse in the Dutch-speaking part of Belgium.

But spontaneously some people responded to my message with the question whether a meeting was not possible with a group of people, and that they would like to set open their living room for that purpose.

Each and every one of these encounters was very special to me.
I met readers of Vladimir Megre’s books, and also noticed that I inspire non-readers to read these books. I also met people who very specifically desire to live in a village based on these books.
And with every meeting I noticed that I was greatly enriched as a person, in different areas.
For example, I was constantly asked whether we would set conditions for life in our village, or whether there would be rules. A classic question then is whether we will ask residents not to eat meat or fish.
It made me think. Very fascinating thinking, because the result of that thinking determines what our village will look like.
I saw people I could easily see as possible future residents of our village. I find it very fascinating to imagine what it would be like to live with such a person or such a family. I then carry that person or those persons with me.
I met people who do very special things, such as a woman who makes deliberately a lot of contact with people in her neighborhood, and every time she feels that it is possible, she tells those people about Vladimir Megre’s books and sometimes even gives people the first book as a gift.

It’s something I want to continue working on here in Romania.
I also want to meet here in Romania readers of Vladimir Megre’s books or people who have become interested in our village.

With every contact with people, I experience that I take that person and his input with me and that I as a person become more nuanced and richer.
And only physical contacts can help me with that, a ‘zoom meeting’ cannot.
In Romania, however, I don’t speak the language enough yet, and I will need someone who also speaks English (or Dutch) to help me with translations during these meetings.

I know that one day I will be able to make a tour through other countries and, to talk with readers of Vladimir Megre’s books and to meet our fellow villagers there!

See you soon!!

Bart Renaer
1January 2022

The time is now!

We are entering a new phase with the creation of our village.
Yes, I deliberately write ‘we’ and ‘our’, even though I am still all alone in Romania at the moment and there is neither on my part nor on the part of anyone else a commitment to found our village together.
But I know they are already out there, my first neighbors.
Maybe in a motor home in the south of France, maybe in a row house in Flanders, maybe in the area where I now reside, in the country of the Moţi in Romania.
If we are ready to take the first concrete steps for the start-up of our village soon, then I know that the first inhabitants of our village are already feeling it now.
That’s how the Universe works, that’s how the Cosmos works…
We are already energetically connected to each other, perhaps not yet visible.

But I know they are already out there, my first neighbors. Somewhere.

As mentioned, it is time for the next phase of the creation of our village.
I am looking for families or persons who want to build our village together with me, a village where Love lives together with the inhabitants of every house and every family estate.
That’s the core.
We will not be an ‘Eco village’, even though we will look a lot like it: sustainably built houses, self-sufficient, in contact and with respect for Nature, etc…
But primarily we will be a village where Love inspires us to live beautiful lives.
Because when Love inspires us, everything changes: everything becomes more intense, we live to the fullest, we give everything we have, every day.
From that moment on no day will be ordinary or boring.
We do so because we want to create and live the most wonderful life… for our partner. And then everything changes.
I can testify.
For example, without Love by my side I would have left Romania very soon, in fact, I would never have made it to Romania.
What I write here about Love, I did not come up with myself, but everything I do and think is based on Vladimir Megre’s books.
And our village will also be based on those same books.

Until now I had no concrete goals.
But since the full moon of November the 19th, they appeared.
By April 2022 I want to gather the first families or people with whom we will form a steering group, and by April 2022 I want to have a concrete and realistic plan for our village for 150 family estates (200 hectares) and for the purchase of the first 20 hectares.
When this steering group will exist in April, and when the plan will be there, then our village in Romania will become a reality. It’s that simple.

Our village, together with other villages that are now emerging, will become an important village, because in Europe it would be the first village based entirely on Vladimir Megre’s books.
There are already 700 such villages in Russia, and none in Europe, as far as I know.
From our village we will bring the regions and the countries where we live, back into contact with Love.
From our village we will inspire the rest of Europe.
Initially, these will be the countries of Eastern Europe.

I will probably soon start zoom meetings on a regular basis, so that readers of the ‘Ringing Cedars’ interested in Romania as a Motherland, can get to know each other online.
If you can’t wait for those zoom meetings, you can always reach out to me.

Maybe we will meet soon!!

Bart Renaer
0032/498/32.58.00 (Belgium)
And on social media: Facebook, Instagram, VK and “Anastasia Foundation Community”

The reversed migration: Western Europeans move to Romania

Everything that happens on Earth is the result of our thinking. Everything.
Also the Earth itself, the stars, the planets, the moon, the sun… it is all the materialization of thought, although in this case a Divine thought. But nevertheless, a thought that is not strange to us, as we are related to God, for we are His children.

We create with our thinking, and right now what we’re creating isn’t really pretty.
Romanians are also creating today.
I hear it very often in the conversations I have with them: “Romania is losing its young people which move to other countries”, “our children who live in Western Europe are never coming back, sir”. “Our children have a better life in Western Europe”.
I myself come from Western Europe, more specifically Belgium, the country where I was born, grew up and lived for 46 years.
Well, I can tell you first hand that Western Europe is not the promised land.
There too, for decades they have been unable to do anything about for example the countless suicides, the daily deaths in traffic, the overcrowded prisons, the couples that divorce, the families that are deeply unhappy, etc…
We disguise the ugly story that is being lived every day in Western Europe, and we turn it into a fairy tale that we like to tell ourselves, and we do that in both Eastern and Western Europe.

And meanwhile, Romania is really losing many young people that migrate to other countries, and is losing the rich culture that its ancestors had built up. Who in Romania still dares to build those beautiful wooden houses, not as a holiday home (!!!) but to live in them??? Who still dares to work with oxen, beautiful animals that make you smile and make you happy as a “gospodar”, or small farmer??? Who still dares to make affordable wooden shingles, “şindrile”??? Who?? I rarely encounter them in the land of the “Moţi”…

“Who still dares to work with oxen, beautiful animals that make you smile and make you happy as a “gospodar”, or small farmer???”

I have a concrete plan so that Romanians and other Europeans in Romania will write their own story again.
It’s a story where Western Europeans will migrate to Romania – and the rest of the Balkans and the land of the Russians – to reconnect with the beautiful culture that has survived there. With a small portion of the capital these Western Europeans own, we will rebuild Romania, and give it a future that will bring deep joy and love.
Romania will be the promised land, along with the rest of the Balkans and the land of the Russians, and this time it won’t be a fairy tale that only exists in the books of the brothers Grimm.
It will be a country where its people will prosper, crime will be non-existent, suicides will no longer occur, oxen will help us, and we will live proudly and happily in beautiful wooden houses.
It is a story in which Romanians from the diaspora will return to their homeland and help rebuild it.
And the Western Europeans who will live here in Romania will not forget their homeland: we will reach out to Western Europe and help the people there to write another, and this time, a beautiful story…

This story must also be created, this story must also be written from the heart of the people, this story must also be supported within different layers of the population… Who wants to help creating this story? The plan is there, it is concrete…

My future neighbours

At this moment I am creating our village, a village where experiencing joy and love will be at number 1. A village of 250 hectares where 150 families will live, families who will develop a self-sufficient life on their family domain of approximate one and a half hectare.
In that creation I have now entered a phase where I carefully reach out to people who could become my first neighbors.
That I reach out to people has only been the case for two weeks.
Before that I had other things where I focused on: the past 3 months was that finding my way in a country where our village could be born: sweet Romania, the country of birth of my wife.

In the past few days I have announced on facebook that I would like to meet people who are interested in living in our village.
And to my pleasant surprise, there were immediately people who contacted me: through e-mail, facebook, by telephone, videocalls and also someone I could really meet in times of Covid19.

Since I had those contacts, especially those where I could speak with people, I have had a very nice feeling: an exciting feeling. I now suddenly realize that I am making contact with people who are potentially my neighbors, and that until the end of my life !!
It is not like a neighbor that I will see every now and then, or a friend who is dear to me and whom I visit now and then.
These are people with whom I will create a village together… a village of love and joy, which will be a very intense and rich event for the rest of my life.
After my wife and my family, these people will be the most dear to me.
I will care for them from the bottom of my heart, I will give myself totally to them.
I will love them with everything I have in me.
I feel this love for my soul family in my heart for the first time.

I will care for them from the bottom of my heart, I will give myself totally to them. I will love them with everything I have in me.

In the conversations I have had in recent days with these people, I also feel that we experience this contact from both sides as very intense.
We feel from both sides that we are talking about a commitment that is very deep.
Of course, neither of us knows at this point whether we will actually become each other’s neighbors, whether we will become some kind of soul family. But I can sense in these conversations that we both see that this is a real possibility.
It releases very intense and very beautiful feelings in me: I now realize more than ever that I have been waiting for my new family all my life …
I am ready to say “yes” to our first neighbors!

Our village will be a joint creation

Paulo Coelho wrote in his masterpiece “The Alchemist” that every human being has a legend and a mission to find and live that legend.
That seems easy, and normally it is.
But in these times, humans have created a world where people are led away from their legend.
For example, we no longer have the time or the energy to think about such matters because we are busy every minute of the day: with our job, our family, our children, our household, our house, etc.
And when there is still time left, we are so stressed and exhausted that we need time to unwind.

Another word for legend is a dream: every human being has a dream that he passionately desires.
A legend or a dream do not “happen”, it is something we create ourselves, with our passion.
Another person cannot create our dreams, that is our own work.
God cannot create our dreams either.
When we are in touch with our real dream, there is always “something” or “someone” who will help us.
Paulo Coelho calls this energy the Kosmos, I call it “My Father”.
When we are in touch with our real dream, we co-create with this energy.

Right now I am creating my dream: to found a village where we can live a life where only one thing counts: to experience a feeling of love and happiness at every minute of the day.
There is something special about my dream: I can only create my dream with people who want to create our village together with me.
I can start creating our village but I can never create my dream on my own.
I need people who want to create with me.
Our village will be a joint creation, a legend that we will live together.
And that will be beautiful …

Until now, creating our village was a matter in which only I was involved in, but that is about to change, and I am looking forward to it !!
The moment our first villagers will soon be living as my neighbors, we will work together on our creation every day. Together!
It will start with a small group of people, and we will end with a group of approximate four hundred people.
And with this growing group, we will create together every day.
Every day we will create together in dialogue.
It will be super beautiful!

(I do my best to write my most beautiful English, but I am not a native speaker. If you are and you feel the urge to correct this text, I would be very grateful!! You can send me the corrections at: bart.renaer@gmail.com. Thanks a lot!!)