About me

My name is Bart Renaer.
I was born in 1974 in Belgium, and grew up in a small village in the countryside.
Since my early childhood I have a huge longing for a life that feels good in my heart.
As a child I longed for a world where a laugh was just a laugh and arose from pure happiness, where truth was something people looked for and found, where people felt joyful and loving every minute of the day.
That longing for this world has since then become only bigger en bigger, and my search for it only more and more intense.
In 2008 Love came into my life.
Since then my search for a loving world has gotten into a super high level, and has resulted in a determined drive to create such a world myself.
That’s where I am today: in the middle of the creation of my most beautiful life’s work: a village where Love, Joy and Truth will be present every second of the day in the hearts of all the villagers.

(I do my best to write my most beautiful English, but I am not a native speaker. If you are and you feel the urge to correct this text, I would be very grateful!! You can send me the corrections at: bart.renaer@gmail.com. Thanks a lot!!)