Our village already exists!!

In Vladimir Megre’s tenth book, “Anasta”, you will find a section where Anastasia explains that although our scientists have already calculated when our Earth is formed in matter, our Earth actually exists for much longer.
Perhaps the latter raises your eyebrows, what’s the difference?

The difference is related to the core of our humanity: we are, like the One who created us, in essence creators. We are the only beings in the Cosmos who can bring something into matter from thought.
But there is a time span between the moment when something is created in the world of thoughts and the creation in that world is ‘finished’, and the moment when this creation comes into matter.
And I now experience that fact very clearly.

Our village is ‘finished’, it has everything in it, it is now only a matter of time before it will materialize itself…

I have been working on a beautiful creation myself since the end of 2019: our village where Love will be felt by our inhabitants every minute of the day, and where Love will never leave our family domains.
It is of course a very small act of creation compared to what My Father and Love have created together, but it is what I am capable of in this life, and what I have come here for. It is my soul mission in this life.

I have been working on it since the end of 2019.
I worked on it every day. First from Belgium, then from Romania.
And yes, the creation process is a concrete action, it’s something you do yourself, it doesn’t just ‘happen’. It is easiest to compare it with a sculptor who cuts pieces from a piece of stone day after day, until finally his work of art arises from the stone.
An important difference, however, is that a sculptor immediately sees his work of art, in the creation of a person it takes time before our work of art becomes visible in the material world.

At the end of 2021 I finished my creating process: then I ‘knew’ (sorry, I don’t have a better word) that my creating work was finished and our village existed in the world of thoughts.
Please don’t ask me to explain why I know this: I can only say that I have been ‘feeling’ our village ever since. It is there, it is beautiful, it has immense power and it is finished.
All it has to do is get into matter.

I am now in the time span in which our village is already finished in the world of thoughts, but will need many more years to attract all its inhabitants until the last family domain will also be inhabited. Only then do I consider our village as existing in matter.
And despite the fact that nothing is visible yet, no land has yet been purchased, no house has been built yet, I experience an enormous deep joy: our village is here, it exists!!!
Our village is ‘finished’, it has everything in it, it is now only a matter of time before it will materialize itself…

Bart Renaer
January 16, 2022