Where we gradually have to get rid of in our village: money

I know that I am now raising one of the most sensitive topics for our village: the role that money will play, or rather won’t  play.
So, I’ll weigh my words.
The money factor is so sensitive because it is the foundation on which our current destructive societies are all based, and if we want to get rid of this destructive energy and thus become intensely happy, we will also have to make sure that we become less and less dependent on money.
One of the most essential things that we will do as residents of our village in the coming years is to get rid of one of the worst fears ingrained in our consciousness and in our bodies, which is that we cannot live a decent life without a sufficient large sum of money in our bank account.

Should we be able to live without money right away? No, we don’t have to, and for most of us it’s not possible at the moment.
Then what? Over the next few years we will go through a process as individuals and as a village where we can literally experience that we are able to lead a wonderful life without a lot of money – and that’s at the same time the reason why!!!
For months the expression “a simple life” has been buzzing through my head, that’s where we are going towards: simple lives, without having to ‘work for a living’.

For months the expression “a simple life” has been buzzing through my head, that’s where we are going towards: simple lives, without having to ‘work for a living’.

Simply put, I want to create a village where we as a collective slowly become convinced that if we were to run out of money one day (which is not inconceivable), we can move on perfectly without losing our sense of happiness and love.
To this end, we as a collective will gradually start to experience that we can make it together without a lot of money. This will be a process that will take several years, and we also need that time to get rid of that fear.

How do I want to get started myself?
The most important thing for me is to experience in the near future that I can achieve things without having to spend a lot of money.
That’s the first step.
In concrete terms, that means for me that I want to build our own house, for example, without a lot of money.
I always like to think of the ‘hobbit house’ of Simon Dale who built a beautiful house in Wales in just 4 months in 2009 for the price of 3000 British pounds or 3600 euros (http://www.simondale.net/hobbit. html).
For me it also means that I want to grow a large part of our own fruit and vegetables in the next years.
These two things in themselves will change a lot, because doing this I will go through a super important process with my consciousness, my subconscious and my body, through which every cell in me can experience: “The joy and the love in my life does not depend on – too much – money.”

At the same time, as a collective, as a village, we will go through a similar process (which will take years), in which at the end we will only be dependent on people outside our village for few things.
I am thinking of residents who will take up crafts: weaving fabrics, making clothes, building sustainable houses, making pottery, manufacturing wooden objects, working with animals, etc…
We will still need some money for the first 25 years, but in the meantime we will think together with the new, young generation how we can live with less money, and we will continue that until a generation arises in our village which will be totally independent of those printed sheets of paper, or soon of those virtual numbers in our bank account. And so that immensely destructive energy of money will finally leave our village.

PS: by the way, my ultimate goal is to find a dentist who will become a resident of our village!!

Bart Renaer

January 6, 2022