The time is now!

We are entering a new phase with the creation of our village.
Yes, I deliberately write ‘we’ and ‘our’, even though I am still all alone in Romania at the moment and there is neither on my part nor on the part of anyone else a commitment to found our village together.
But I know they are already out there, my first neighbors.
Maybe in a motor home in the south of France, maybe in a row house in Flanders, maybe in the area where I now reside, in the country of the Moţi in Romania.
If we are ready to take the first concrete steps for the start-up of our village soon, then I know that the first inhabitants of our village are already feeling it now.
That’s how the Universe works, that’s how the Cosmos works…
We are already energetically connected to each other, perhaps not yet visible.

But I know they are already out there, my first neighbors. Somewhere.

As mentioned, it is time for the next phase of the creation of our village.
I am looking for families or persons who want to build our village together with me, a village where Love lives together with the inhabitants of every house and every family estate.
That’s the core.
We will not be an ‘Eco village’, even though we will look a lot like it: sustainably built houses, self-sufficient, in contact and with respect for Nature, etc…
But primarily we will be a village where Love inspires us to live beautiful lives.
Because when Love inspires us, everything changes: everything becomes more intense, we live to the fullest, we give everything we have, every day.
From that moment on no day will be ordinary or boring.
We do so because we want to create and live the most wonderful life… for our partner. And then everything changes.
I can testify.
For example, without Love by my side I would have left Romania very soon, in fact, I would never have made it to Romania.
What I write here about Love, I did not come up with myself, but everything I do and think is based on Vladimir Megre’s books.
And our village will also be based on those same books.

Until now I had no concrete goals.
But since the full moon of November the 19th, they appeared.
By April 2022 I want to gather the first families or people with whom we will form a steering group, and by April 2022 I want to have a concrete and realistic plan for our village for 150 family estates (200 hectares) and for the purchase of the first 20 hectares.
When this steering group will exist in April, and when the plan will be there, then our village in Romania will become a reality. It’s that simple.

Our village, together with other villages that are now emerging, will become an important village, because in Europe it would be the first village based entirely on Vladimir Megre’s books.
There are already 700 such villages in Russia, and none in Europe, as far as I know.
From our village we will bring the regions and the countries where we live, back into contact with Love.
From our village we will inspire the rest of Europe.
Initially, these will be the countries of Eastern Europe.

I will probably soon start zoom meetings on a regular basis, so that readers of the ‘Ringing Cedars’ interested in Romania as a Motherland, can get to know each other online.
If you can’t wait for those zoom meetings, you can always reach out to me.

Maybe we will meet soon!!

Bart Renaer
0032/498/32.58.00 (Belgium)
And on social media: Facebook, Instagram, VK and “Anastasia Foundation Community”